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    Shalom Brother Jacob,

    by any chance can I get your prayer assistance? My Dad has to put up with Goat riders down on his job at LongShoreman. They’re really just a bunch of Mama’s boy Negroes who THINK that they’re a part of something great, and who lucked out and got into seats of authority down on the waterfront.

    Basically, they got a problem with my Dad (and ANYONE like him) who actually wants something out of life and wants to work for it. The goat riders hate him because he’s doing what they’re all too lazy to do: WORK. They want ANY excuse they can get to get him fired from his job. Like fighting or cursing at someone. So they constantly go out of their way just to irritate him and make his job more difficult just to provoke him into a fight.

    And again Brother Jacob, they aren’t doing this because of their (Supposed) loyalty to the Devil (From what I understand, they don’t even know what masons/goat riders are) OR that me and my Dad now know that we’re Hebrews attempting to keep the commandments, they’re antagonizing my earthly Dad simply because they’re all a bunch of spoiled Negro Mama’s boys who’ve NEVER had to work for anything in life, and who hate it when they see real men of integrity doing what they WON’T do.

    Oh yeah, and did I mention that they’re using their authority to solicit women for sex? In other words, if a woman wants to get a job down there, she MUST sleep with the president, vice president, or whoever they say she’s supposed to sleep with, regardless of if they know she’s married or not. Does this remind you of anything?

    My Dad has come to me for prayer assistance on the matter MANY times over for the past five years (and STILL praying, by the way), and to be totally honest with you, Brother Jacob, I’m ALMOST to the point where I’m tired of praying about the matter (Is that a bad thing?). Don’t get me wrong, I CAN’T STAND those losers OR what they’re doing one bit. They’re basically all grown versions of a lot of bullies who messed with me during High School. But honestly, I’m just fed up now. Not with my dad asking me to pray, but the situation itself. I’ve prayed for the Most High Yah to do something about them and get them all run off the waterfront for good over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again for the past FIVE YEARS. And my dad’s been praying about the subject for over the past TWENTY FIVE YEARS. But really, you can only pray about something for so long before you start to feel a bit bothered by the fact that it still hasn’t been answered yet. So do we have you prayer assistance? My name is Azuma Rhazee Lambert. And my dad is Robert L. Lambert Jr. Can you pray for us that The Most High, Yah FINALLY does something about these guys PERMANENTLY??? I just don’t know how to keep praying about this anymore. I really don’t. I can pray and fast until the cows come home, but if the Most High doesn’t do anything, well, then that’s that.

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