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    Elyanna Isreal

    Fam I humbly request that you all would pray to Abba yah for healing of cancer I am trusting in yah n healing myself of cervical n bladder cancer, along with hernia n varicose veins but cannot stop working ,nor do I have insurance, plus raising a 17 year old grandson here in Houston Texas. Also pray for A steady income n steady job. Pray that I can get my widows benefits. Prayer to remain strong in the face of temptations. Prayer for my grandsons to be protected going out n coming in. And their mothers. Prayer that ha Satan get his hands off of my finances n the Va grant me my husbands benefits for me n my now grown children. Thank you family. I live n trust that my prayers will be answered. Yah bless n keep us all. Long live the king.. Today robah.

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