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    Shalom brothers and sisters,

    Her is information backed by research, that shows perms are causing many dangerous and unhealthy end result. Remember family and mainly sisters, our Holy Father and savior Christ had hair of wool (Daniel 7:9, Revelation 1:14) and was not ashamed and it gets no better than the TheMostHigh and Christ.









    Thanks, so much for the links. I will give this to family and friends who still refuse to let go of this ritual. I’ve been perm free for 3 yrs now, with NO regrets !! I battled the problem of fibroids and cysts for several yrs. I finally had to have the problems resolved, thru medical interventions… 🙁 🙁




    Shalom Sister,

    Brings much joy to help direct sisters and brothers from the traps of this bondage. The proof cannot be denied and shows how they(wickers of wickedness) care greatly to destroy TheMostHigh people who don’t break from sin.

    Hope TheMostHigh let you be a testimony to other sisters about the matter of fibroids and cysts, cause the perms are a direct cause of them and are do to sin. As Christ sad sin no more; this will free our children, sisters and brothers.


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