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    Here is an interesting article about the concepts and terms now used amongst conservatives. The sentiments of this article clearly articulate and translate what many whites who rally around Trump and other conservative groups may be sensing. My takeaway….What catering? What special treatment? I’m sure the individuals who subscribe to the notion of “black privilege” feel they are loosing ground and it is a battle that they cannot win. These individuals will try with all their might to reverse what is inevitable, their destruction and the victory of Yahshua’s people. Our reparations & restitution is not coming by their “benevolence” of affirmative action or social programs; but by the had of the Almighy Himself! Those who sympathize with the idea of “black privilege” haven’t begun to know how privileged we are to be the children of The Most High Yah! To walk with Him daily….that is true privilege.

    Abstract: Blacks are being catered to, and “you can’t even talk about whiteness,” those who believe in the concept say. But one activist calls the concept a “prolonged whine” from people who resent being challenged about their white privilege. Some call affirmative action a black privilege, but others say whites have been the biggest affirmative action beneficiaries.

    Link: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/30/us/black-privilege/?iid=ob_homepage_deskrecommended_pool&iref=obnetwork



    Their minds are so reprobate they can’t even fathom how wrong they are. I watched the Dust Bowl Documentary, that incident occurred not to long after the tragedy of Black Wall Street. These people actually asked themselves what they did to deserve it…their reasoning…”maybe it was what we did to the rabbits.” They have no conscience or concern when it comes to our people.

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