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    Since the tribes of Israel were declared lost, and the remnants of the nation of Israel were subsequently scattered to the four corners of the earth, many have come forward proclaiming that they are the true descendants of Israel. Christians claim they are spiritual Israel and true lineage doesn’t matter anymore; certain modern-day Anglo-Saxons hold to the false notion of British Israelism, a doctrine that claims the people of Western and Northern Europe directly descend from the Ten Lost Tribes of the ancient Israelites; and the descendants of the Khazarians currently have the world believing they are the true descendants of Jacob.

    But truth be told, Scripture is clear on who the true descendants of Israel are today, and those people have to walk out certain prophecies and display traits that line up with the Word of Yah, particularly regarding the curses that were pronounced on them for breaking the covenant their forefathers agreed to at Mount Sinai.

    Read the full article here: http://www.kingdompreppers.org/2016/07/identifying-people-of-israel-today.html

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