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    Shalom Elder Jacob,

    I am Yahziz (Yahzyz) out of Chicago. I pray all is well with you & Miss Jada, as well as Elder Daniel Solomon and Akhi Malaki Maccabees. I hope you got the letter I sent you dated 3/23. I would like to ask for the worldwide family to pray for the spiritual awakening of my wife and 2 daughters. That they are asleep is my fault, as I have not really done anything to guide them on the return path to our rightful culture & heritage as Hebrew-Ysraelites. They have heard me speak on it many times, but I have not let my light shine as an obedient servant to TMH YAH. I know the days are getting woefully short, and I do not want any of us to end up in the “lake”. Please pray that I get my act together so that the ruach can overtake my household (myself included), so that we may become obedient servants as a family, and have a chance to be found worthy of the Kingdom. I would love for my family to meet our Biblical ancestors as well as our present-day brothers & sisters. What a joyful sight indeed! Please pass along my email & phone# below to anyone in the Chicago area so that I can worship & fellowship with them on the regular. My prayers, love & loyalty to you all! HalleluYAH in His Majesty Yahoshua’s Mighty Name – YAHU!!!

    Yahziz Ysrael (email: yahzizysrael@yahoo.com; Phone: 773.272.5670; FB: Yahzyz AmmiYah HaGadol Ysrayl)

    Happy Pesach/Chag HaMatzot! Shalom, shalom!

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