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    PRAYER NEEDED: My brother Matthew in Port Arthur, tx is having relationship issues with his woman (D) and the mother (D) of his two younger girls, and Satan is working through her to rip their relationship apart. He has a son with a medical issues and she (D) is telling him and his son to get out of her apart in two weeks and he is starting a new job in two days. Satan is worker very hard to hurt their family. My brother Matthew is trying to repent and keep the law, but Satan is coming down hard on him and is moving fast! His woman (D) has been drinking, taking weed and cough syrup daily and is covering up her pain with drugs and Satan is doing his best to destroy this family! Israel please send my brother Matthew prayers! He needs help and to help him stay up in this time.

    Thank you Israel, please help if you can, thank you Israel!


    Jacob Israel

    Prayers going up for those Israelites in need. May the Most High assign angels to combat the forces of unclean spirits that are on the attack and may they be beat back and a hedge be placed around them that they may make it through the fiery trial. I count it as done in Yashua’s name…………….Brother Jacob



    Thank you brother!





    Kingdom Prepper

    Prayers sent up!
    Kingdom Preppers YouTube Channel



    Thank you all brothers and sisters!

    Prayers are working!

    All praise!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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