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    Hello people of Yah, I’ve been dealing with very profound demonic attacks for many years, in the past few years it’s become physical/natural affecting my day to day life. Initially it was just in my dreams, or voices, or visitations etc.. these things made me stronger spiritually and taught me to call on Yah w/ faith and confidence. I dont really struggle w/ fear any more, but at this point I’m just tired, absolutely weary and worn out I don’t understand the purpose any more I don’t have strength to fight/care etc… I find myself “longing to be normal” I’m exhausted, I sunk into a bad depression a year ago and in Jan of this year Yah suddenly removed the depressed feeling however I’m back at a place where I’m struggling everyday to even want to live, I don’t feel depressed, now tho (thank Yah) but I’ve just seen too much, I feel so miserable on this planet, it is very hard to describe the feeling. But it’s constant and overwhelming. Anyway, I am waiting and petitioning to be delivered from this overwhelming feeling as well as a few other areas where these demons have a strong hold I can’t seem to tear down w/ prayer and fasting. I’ve wept and fasted, cried out at the top of my lungs, pleaded w/ Yah to send relief, believed for deliverance (complete deliverance) it seems like I always break through in one area and not another. But several strong holds remain. Please pray with me for complete deliverance and the ability to enjoy life, whatever that means or looks like for me. Thank you.




    Shalom Naftali,

    Consider it done on the name of Yahshua Ha Maschiach.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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