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    Elyanna Isreal

    Shalom that radiates directly from my father’s throne as he reigns in Zion.. Haleluyah. N Blessings to you Brother Jacob, Israelites..I am requesting prayers as I am moving closer to do Yahs will, With Hasatan nipping at my heels as I ascend. These united snakes who purposly defile the daughters of Zion for fifty lures sake.I need prayer to “magnify the name of Yahquah, and the agility to get pass these heathens Everytime they fling stones to cripple my defenses.Yah have mercy on us all and forgive us our sins and tresspasses. But Quicken us in necessary wisdom to combat these out of Order Demons.. Right now Yahquah, Bless your prodigal Sons and Daughter’s with a portion of their divine inherited promise made to them from Abba Abraham by he Angel. Bless your children Yah to show love for one another, knowing this love will cover a multitude of sins. Purify our Heart’s,Souls and Minds
    for the refreshing of the Holy Rauch that guides us to everlasting Victory In Yashua name. Long live our uncrowned king. Prayer need to slay these demons who rejected the WORD,and is hell bent on preventing Yahs people from making it home safe. Shalom Israelites.

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