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    Shalom Family, I’m in the process of requesting YAH’s Sabbath off at my job. I remember akhee Jacob and akhee Daniel mentioning this on one of the broadcast.
    They didn’t want to speak of this over the air and I’m hoping this is the forum for answering these questions. The process at my job is that I request an accommodation from my supervisor and he gives me a question and answer form (5 questions). He then sends my response to HR and a decision is made. I think I only have one shot at this, so I’m reaching out to my brothers and sisters who may have ventured down this path successfully. Here are the questions:
    1) What accommodation are you requesting?
    2) When do you want the accommodation? (isolated, 1/2 day, full day, every Saturday/Sabbath, etc.)
    3) Duration? (Temporary or Permanent, if temporary please provide dates)
    4) Why are you requesting the accommodation? (practice, belief/both)
    5) What is your religious affiliation? (Baptist/Catholic/Jehovah’s Witness/7th Day Adventist, etc.)

    Note: Completion of this Religious Accommodation Request is not a guarantee that your request can be accommodated. Each request will be thoroughly reviewed to determine if the request can be accommodated and the final decision will be provided back to you.

    If any of you have successfully attained this accommodation art your job–please help a brother out. Shalom!


    Jacob Israel

    Sorry to respond to this 3 days after you posted Israelite but I will contact Daniel later today and give you the guidance you seek in this manner. Trust in the Most High and have faith that His will be done………….Brother Jacob

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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