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    It is not just the dogs being used to ease the public into the idea of the “conveniences” of microchip implants. A local news station in Minneapolis reports of a growing trend in the twin cities where people are implanting microchips within their bodies for the “convenience” of such carrying keys and other things. Check the link below for the news report video.

    From the article.

    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s something you’ve likely seen in the movies — it’s something you may not know is also happening in real life. People are getting chips implanted into their hands in an effort to make daily life a little bit easier. From opening doors to making contacts to sending emails — a growing group of people are all-in.

    People here in the Twin Cities are embracing the extra-personal technology. Set in the far-off year of 2021 is the 1995 film “Johnny Mneumonic.” A movie that inspired a boy named Tim Shank, growing up in Indiana.

    “What little boy didn’t like sci-fi, I loved sci-fi. “Star Wars,” all the way through it,” said Shank.

    And thus a passion was born.

    “That to me is a very inspiring concept, that we can be more than we’re built to be,” Shank said. “That’s really where a lot of my passion comes, because there are so many limitations and conditions that we have as people that we can overcome if we put a little energy into it and a little technology.

    That fearless quest is how the software engineer ended up with a scalpel in front of him and ice at his side.

    He’s already got several microchip implants. Now, he’s getting another.

    “This is an NFC chip so it’s similar to what phones have nowadays where you can tap them to sometimes stickers or keychains. It’s the same technology as that uses,” he said.

    Despite the equipment used, implants aren’t done by doctors or nurses. The go-to in the Twin Cities is a body piercer named Verno.

    You can read the rest at http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2016/05/02/tim-shank-biohacking/

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