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    Are you ready to work-from-home with

    G Lewis Thomas, LLC?

    Call Center Agent Opportunity

    We have a partnership with Arise Virtual Solutions. First, you must register on this company’s platform. Next you must pass a background check with First Advantage, and enroll with the company of your choice.

    Follow the registration process below:

    Start Your Future Calling!

    Profile – Go to: http://www.Arise.com
    If you currently have a profile with Arise system do not create another one. Multiple accounts are prohibited.

    Forgot your username? Send an email to Admissions@admissions.arise.com Make sure you provide your Full Name, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number and Date of Birth (Month & Day) as it appear on the profile. Put “User Name Request” on the subject line.

    Login to your email account and validate your confirmation from Arise.

    Under Additional Information you will be asked:
    1. Were you referred to Arise?
    • Enter “YES”
    • Enter 1286313 in the CSP ID field

    2. How did you hear about Arise?
    • Select “Current IBO/CSP”

    Once your Profile is created, you will be directed to your personal dashboard. There should be a check mark next to “Creating Your Profile – Completed”

    You will need to setup your background check. You will see “You are here” with an arrow pointing to the Background Check and a “Start Now” button.

    First Advantage is a third-party independent company who conducts the background check.

    What will First Advantage check?

    National criminal history

    Your Name

    Social Security Number verification

    Your current mailing address

    There is an out-of-pocket fee for $7.95 for your background check. This amount is paid directly to First Advantage. Your results can take 1 to 3 business days to post on your Arise dashboard – which you can access HERE You may also receive an email once the background check is complete.

    NOTE: We will reimburse this fee after one month of employment.

    After the background check, the next step is signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This is required to assure no confidential information is shared with other companies.

    G Lewis Thomas, LLC Welcomes You!
    To access our clients, you must register under G Lewis Thomas, LLC in the Arise platform.

    Select: Join an Independent Business vendor already in the Arise Network.

    • Enter: 814921494 in the “Enter FEIN” box, Select the “magnifying glass”

    G Lewis Thomas, LLC should populate in the Name of Corporation field. You will need to confirm this selection as the Independent Business you wish to join. You will see an “In Process” next to the “Join an Independent Business in the Arise Network.” You will receive an email from G Lewis Thomas, LLC when we have acknowledged your request to join us. In most cases, this will be the same business day.

    NOTE: Your registration must be confirmed before the next step. You will not be able to view or sign the last 2 agreements until you receive confirmation from us.

    In the “Agreements” section, next to the View and Sign arrow(s), click on “View.” You must read the waiver and, if acceptable, click on “sign.” The waiver will need to be viewed (scroll to the bottom of each document) entirely before clicking the “sign” button. The waiver ensures you understand you are contracted with G Lewis Thomas, LLC and not Arise.

    Signing these documents is a 2-step process—you sign the 2 documents and they are sent to us for us to countersign them.

    After the waivers are signed, you will receive an email from G Lewis Thomas, LLC along with our contractual agreement to reimburse any fees and certification costs.

    Select a Servicing Opportunity
    After G Lewis Thomas, LLC has accepted your intent to service our clients, you will select a client from our list of client programs. Review and select the client opportunities available. Be sure to review the blue, round “information icon” on the top right of the client box to download a “pdf” document of client information.

    Someone will reach out to you and help you enroll in a certification course. These courses are required by our clients and provide details about the client’s systems and the requirements of the program. These are highly specialized, instructor-led online courses. Most courses come with a reimbursable deposit you must pay when enrolling.

    NOTE: This deposit will be reimbursed to you in your first paycheck.

    Are You A Veteran?

    If you are a veteran or military spouse, when you enroll in your training, but before you pay, send an email to: military@arise.com with proof that you are either a veteran or military spouse. Once this is complete, you will receive a Military Voucher to use for training. The remainder of the cost will need to be paid by you. G Lewis Thomas, LLC will reimburse you for this remaining cost of training in your first pay check.

    Go to: http://www.Arise.com


    Lisa Cabrera



    I have a full time job, and am wondering if any of these opportunities are available between 5 pm-12 am?



    These are such great nuggets of information that you’ve provided Sis Lisa. Thank you, and I’ll make sure those who I know who desire employment know about this.



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