Deuteronomy 28

A message heard world wide by Hebrew Israelites on Shabbat night January 22, 2016. Only one people in the history of this world fits the prophecies contained in Deuteronomy 28. See for yourselves, Zion. I had to repost this video after the devil knocked the original download OFF. The warfare continues…

We are living the FULFILLMENT of Deuteronomy 28. Feel free to post your comments Zion because the devil is a LIE. Your comments can be seen and heard world w i d e, whether his wicked ass likes it or not……………….Brother Jacob Israel aka THEHEBREW1

  1. February 21, 2016

    Thank you for the teachings. May Yahuah bless you in health & strength.

  2. March 15, 2016

    Thank you thank you thank you for sharing in the truth of our holy father.

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