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Featured Artist of the Month

Hebrew Artist of the Month

Shimchah Yahu

October 2021

About This Artist:

  • Name: Shimchah Yahu
  • Location: Anderson, SC, USA

Mission Statement:

My Mission is to be a vessel that is used to sing Yahuah’s praises, His warnings, & continue to honor Him. If I can reach one person through song about how Yahuah is patient with us & then they make the decision to submit to His will, then that is a job well done.

About Me:

From a very young age, this Daughter of YAH could sing practically anything.  She wanted to do so many other things in life and has been gifted in many other areas by The Most High as proof of this.  However, until she fully submitted herself to being shaped and nurtured at the feet of wise counsel through the Ruach HaKodesh (Set-Apart Spirit), she wasn’t able to bring her gifts into the will of the Father for His esteem.

At this point in her journey on the narrow path, she is trying to do as we’ve been commanded to in the psalms of King Dawid and publish the name of YAHUAH throughout the earth.  It is her hope that anyone who hears her musical offering will find the need to further explore their relationship with Abba through His beloved Son, Yahusha – our soon coming King.

It is Simchah Yahu’s immense pleasure to invite you to praise and worship our Creator in the beauty of set-apartness.  Enjoy the music; we pray that it will encourage you as we seek to lift His name higher!