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Hebrew Artist of the Month

Julie E. Gordon

July 2024

Monthly Featured Artist

Featured Song - Sealed

About the Artist:

  • Name:  Julie E. Gordon
  • Location: So-Called Middle East




After a year-long journey filled with faith, Julie E Gordon, also known as YuliYah, was born in the United Kingdom and now resides in the Middle East. She has been walking in the truth for over 10 years. Julie has faithfully crafted a timeless album that reflects her spiritual path while embracing diverse musical genres, echoing across landscapes beyond borders.

She dedicated herself diligently to nurturing her faith, resulting in an outstanding blend of powerful vocals and various sounds that captivate the ears and minds of truth seekers through The Most High. This carefully curated artistic piece is a testament to her humility, as she attributes all credit to The Most High Yahweh, offering praise without reservation.

As a dedicated warrior and humbled servant, I embrace my roles as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and aunt to my immediate and spiritual family in Yahushuah. I strive to unite people in Yahushuah’s name, maintaining a positive attitude and giving praise to The Almighty in all circumstances. 

I am a creative soul with a mighty voice, and I produce songs as part of my ministry. The work is directed by The Most High. I am always smiling and always giving praise in the highs and lows. I am a friend to those who need a little lift, always laughing at myself (I’m sometimes a little clumsy, but I’m working on it). I praise Our Almighty ABBA, who led me to this beautiful space where we can unite in Yahushuah’s name. HalleluYAH.

Originally from Dudley, UK, I am a seasoned Mancunian vocal performance artist, producer, writer, and composer. I have spent several years perfecting my craft of alternative sounds for a world audience. My background in soul, jazz, and gospel has fueled my experiences in live performance, allowing me to produce an outstanding collection of music influenced by EDM, drum and bass, and soulful house.

My musical history includes collaborations with bands across the UK as well as international collaborations. Over the years, I have produced an eclectic mix of studio and live recordings. My back catalog appeals to fans of all ages and is a testament to the depth and diversity of my creativity and hard work.

Currently, I continue my work as a solo artist in collaboration with writer/producer Paul Wilkinson and as a featured artist on tracks with major European DJs and producers. Additionally, I have collaborated with several producers outside the UK, such as Zamali, Jayl Funk, and Destjil, providing guest vocals for the EP Deep Inside, which has seen success in the Soul/Funk scene. Beyond Soul and Funk, I have worked and co-produced the yet-to-be-released track “Be Again” with the North West acclaimed producers BACKDRAFT, also known as LAB2.

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