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Mission Statement

My goal is to use my voice for the glory of Yahuah and for the edification of his people. 

February Featured Artist

Featured Artist - February 2023 - KaYah

Featured Song: Prayer Closet

About This Artist

  • Name: KaYah
  • Location: Florida USA

All praises, honor, and glory to The Most High Yah! Kayah was born and raised in Florida and grew up in a musical family. She was surrounded by music from a young age and this exposure cultivated her own love for music. She actively sung on the praise and worship team at her sabbath keeping church. She became very passionate about music and before she realized it, she found herself with an abundance of original songs that were inspired by her faith in Yahuah!
As she grew in the faith, she began to learn more about the God she served such as his true name and the feast days. As her knowledge and understanding increased, so did her passion for making music. Rather than keeping these songs to herself, she made the decision to share them with others so that they too could be uplifted, edified, and encouraged. To her delight, not only did these songs bring joy and inspiration to those around her, but she too was edified in the process. She is deeply and eternally thankful for this incredible gift from The Most High and its impact on her life and the life of others. Her prayer and hope is to continue sharing her music for His glory for as long as she is able.

“For you are a holy people to YHWH your Elohim; YHWH your Elohim has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth.”

Deuteronomy 7:6

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