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Tech Support

There is no sound. What do I do?

During the broadcast, you may not hear sound on the video at first. You will see the show graphic and the word “live” in red on the screen. Either click the “Listen Live” text in the top menu or the tab to pull up the Live Broadcast player. Press play to listen.

When using the Listen Live from the top menu, it will open in a new window. Click play to listen and come back to the to chat with other Hebrews.

When using the Listen Live on the tab beside the “bible” tab, press play and switch back to the “chat” tab to fellowship with other Hebrews. You do not have to turn the Listen Live tab player off when a video on the left begins to play. They should be in sync and you can still hear the voice overs. If they are not synced together, just refresh your page or if that doesn’t work, turn it off until the video ends.

If you can’t hear the video to the left, try these steps:

  1. First check and see if your speakers are turned up and your device is not muted.
  2. Second, click the video and make sure the video is not muted.
  3. Try refreshing the page. Be sure the play button is active (press play).
  4. Try a different browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.
  5. Open in a new tab and see if you can hear the video now.
I am unable to view the video. What should I do?

Three great first steps to resolve any tech issue are:
1) Refresh the page,
2) Double-check your internet connection, and
3) Try using a different web browser. Nine times out of ten, one of those steps will do the trick!

What do I do if the video stops playing?

If the video stops, refresh the page. In some browsers, you may also need to click inside the video player to restart the video.

My chat window is now in another language. How can I change it back to English?

Click Auto Language Icon at the top of the chat window—select “English”. Refresh if needed. For those of you on cell phones, you may need to refresh. There is no AUTO button on cell phone browsers.

How do I use emoticons in chat?

If you are on a mobile device, just use emoticons as you normally would in a text message or chat room.

If you are on a Windows PC or Laptop with Windows 8 or Windows 10, right click on your taskbar, go to “Show touch keyboard button” and a keyboard icon will appear near your time and date on the taskbar. Click that button and a keyboard will appear on screen. Click the smiley icon to use an emoticon for chat.

If you are on a Mac or Macbook, press control + command + spacebar and an emoticon box will appear. Choose the emoticon you want to enter in chat.

How do I get the video to play if the screen says it’s “unable to connect to the content”?

If you receive the message, first try refreshing the page. If that doesn’t help, click on the name of a host or door keeper. Click the three dots beside his/her name and click “Direct Chat”. Let the host or door keeper know that you cannot view the video.

How do I change my picture?

First you must sign up for an account. Click “Sign Up” at the top. Once you confirm your account, you can log in. Click on your name and go to settings. Change your profile name, email, password, and photo in this area.

How do I report an issue not mentioned here?

Occasionally things go awry. If none of the FAQs above resolve your issue, please send us a Technical Issue Report using the form below. Anyone can do this! We’ll be glad to take a look and see how we can help.

Windows: Press the "print screen" button on your keyboard. Open Paint, then click "edit" and "paste." Save the file to your desktop. Mac: Press Command+Shift+3 on your keyboard and your screenshot will appear on your desktop. Files must be less than 10 MB. Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png

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