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July 2024

My mission is to serve and spread the TRUTH through my ministry, producing songs directed by The Most High. Name:  Julie E. Gordon Location: So-Called Middle East I AM A HEBREW ISRAELITE  I AM A DESCENDANT OF THE 12 TRIBES OF YASHARAL (ISRAEL) I AM A SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH After a year-long journey filled with faith, Julie E Gordon, also known as YuliYah, was born in the United Kingdom and now resides in the Middle East. She has been walking in the truth for over 10 years. Julie has faithfully crafted a timeless album that reflects her......

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June 2024

Our mission is to create music that praises the Most High Yah and reach listeners around the world. Wake up Jacob!!   Name:  OM12 Location: Kansas City, MO USA LAZ ISRAEL - ACHOTI PATRINA - JUDAH BLAKC OM12 is a musical group composed of Laz Israel, Achoti Patrina, and Judah Blakc, who are dedicated to spreading the word of the Most High Yah through their music. Each member brings a unique background and passion for music, with Laz Israel focused on using his music ministry to uplift souls and share Yah’s word, Achoti Patrina drawing from her early love of......

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June 2022

Mission Statement: The Oil of Joy Music’s mission is to prophesy to the dry bones that they may live again, awaken those who are still asleep, and to symbolically pour oil on the dry bones for lubrication of the body, mind, soul and spirit.  Inspired by Ezekiel 37:1-14 Name: Joy Lester Location: Davie, FL, USA Joy Lester is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a ‘Preacher’s Kid’ from a large family who, on occasions, would be requested to sing before her father brought the message to the congregation. ​As an adult, her gift of music opened doors for......

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June 2021

Mission Statement: My mission is to be the light and a willing vessel to wake up the lost sheep of Israel, to make it to the kingdom by fully submitting myself to YAHUAH, and to be as YAHUSHUA is so that I may be favorable in these end times. Name: Chief Elite Location: Kankakee, IL, USA About Me: I am Chief Elite, a 30 year old Israelite from a small town south of Chicago. I grew up in a family with good morals and principals. Although we didn’t have much, we had what was essential: Love and faith in God. I......

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June 2020

Name: Paisley the Hebrew Location: Memphis, TN USA Mission Statement: My mission first and foremost is to glorify the Most High, the Holy one of Israel, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…my forefathers. Secondly, it is my intent to let all who have eyes to see and ears to hear, that it is not lame to live righteously or to be the best, the coolest, or the realest, because the best, the coolest and the realest people serve and keep the commandments of the Most High and have faith in Ha’Mashyach. You are 100% lame and square if you’re......

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June 2018

I grew up witnessing drugs having a stronghold on my family and when I grew up I followed down the path off darkness but in 2014 I found myself going through a hard time in my life going back and forth to jail and that lead me searching and on my search I discovered we were the people of the book and ever since then I been walking with the Most High YAH and decided to dedicate my talents towards him....

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