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Featured Artist - August 2020

Featured Music for August 2020

  1. Hebrew Blues Ahkot Judia 7:00
  2. Deeper Lorvins 5:59
  3. My Elohim Ahk Rydel 3:26
  4. Choose Amina Yaqar 3:41
  5. Judah Ride Hebrew All Stars 6:18
  6. Back to You Hadarah BatYah 4:19
  7. O' Wretched MAN Chaarawtazah 1:52
  8. I Ain't Got No Money Lorvins 4:30
  9. The Flock Anonymous Israelites 3:57
  10. You Know My Name Achotee Patrina & Ahk Lazarus 7:54

  • Name: Lorvins “L” Lormeus
  • Location: Tampa, Florida USA

Judia, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, is a former jazz vocalist who, like most, started out singing in the church choir and later a family choir. Regarding her early age Judia says

”My mother and grandma often said I could sing before I could talk. They said even when I was just a few months old they would take me to church on Sunday and for the rest of the week I would sing every song the choir did note for note. And that was before I could say one single word…

I enjoyed using my voice just to sing to GOD in and out of services. But suffered a setback when the family doctor decided it would be good to take my tonsils out when I was a teen. My mom even to this day regrets allowing me to have the surgery as she said it changed my voice a lot and hindered my singing ability. But the desire to lift up my voice was very strong, and I decided to forget what was lost and just work with what I had.”

Judia began again to sing spiritual music but her voice had changed. Aside from gospel her parents both loved and played lots of jazz music in the home. She realized though her voice didn’t have that gospel quality it adopted well to jazz riffs and soon developed a love for jazz and became a proficient jazz vocalist. And for some years performed in local clubs and college venues throughout the California area.

After performing “worldly” music for several years with its ups and downs and not so holy lifestyle she returned to the church and just attended services. “Sitting in the back, quietly soaking in and reading as much Word as possible, praying and making intercession” ‘she says. Then the songs started coming to me. The more I worshiped Yah the more the music came.”

She started doing special music in church again and sang background vocals in the USA and abroad with a Christian recording artist. But when she began ministering in song with a prison ministry which she counts as life changing and her focus regarding music changed forever. She began to see music differently. Not just as a way to praise GOD but as a means of ushering in the Holy Spirit and as a tool of deliverance. With songs that impart Yah’s strength and evokes HIS power and worship Yahushua Ha Mashiach   (some may know as Jesus).

In her own words she says she writes and sings “songs of praise, of worship and of truth.” . Judia says, “I basically want to spread the one true good message with the music, Heal in the name of Mashiach with music, destroy yokes of bondage and set captives free while praising the Most High. I consider even the songs that I write to be weapons of warfare and instruments of hope that I’ve been given. They are not earthly but are empowered through Yah. And I believe they can pull down strongholds and help to effect a change.  

This is the time to make a change. Time to look up Zion To look up for our redemption draws near. Time for Jacob to wake up to who you are and whose name you are called by. Time to speak to the “dry bones” and say “live” Yashar’el “live” seek His face, turn from our ways that are wicked, humble ourselves and wait and see the great mighty things Yah will do on our behalf. He that hath an ear let them hear…hopefully

Judia is the mother of two and still resides in the Los Angeles area with her beloved husband and family.

“For you are a holy people to YHWH your Elohim; YHWH your Elohim has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth.”

Deuteronomy 7:6

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