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July 2024

My mission is to serve and spread the TRUTH through my ministry, producing songs directed by The Most High. Name:  Julie E. Gordon Location: So-Called Middle East I AM A HEBREW ISRAELITE  I AM A DESCENDANT OF THE 12 TRIBES OF YASHARAL (ISRAEL) I AM A SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH After a year-long journey filled with faith, Julie E Gordon, also known as YuliYah, was born in the United Kingdom and now resides in the Middle East. She has been walking in the truth for over 10 years. Julie has faithfully crafted a timeless album that reflects her......

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June 2024

Our mission is to create music that praises the Most High Yah and reach listeners around the world. Wake up Jacob!!   Name:  OM12 Location: Kansas City, MO USA LAZ ISRAEL - ACHOTI PATRINA - JUDAH BLAKC OM12 is a musical group composed of Laz Israel, Achoti Patrina, and Judah Blakc, who are dedicated to spreading the word of the Most High Yah through their music. Each member brings a unique background and passion for music, with Laz Israel focused on using his music ministry to uplift souls and share Yah’s word, Achoti Patrina drawing from her early love of......

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May 2024

My mission is to Trust in El-Yahuah with all my heart, and to lean not on my own understanding. In all my ways I will acknowledge Yah and He will direct my path. Name:  Sharman C. Location: San Antonio, TX USA Jeremiah 29:11 Assures me that Yah knows the thoughts that He thinks towards me , He says it! That they are thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give me an expected end. So my Mission is to trust Yah in everything and to care for those whom He has placed in my hands, because they belong to Him......

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Featured Artist-April 2024

April 2024

My mission is to encourage the elect and cry aloud to the lost through music and the Most High's Word. Name:  Asaph & LeYah Yashar'el Location: Indianapolis, IN USA There's a new husband and wife singing duo in town known for their "Truth Music" – meet Asaph & LeYah Yashar'el. Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, this Hebrew duo has deep roots in the music industry. Formerly known as Chip Dixson, Asaph served as a music producer and songwriter for prominent groups like DarkChild and Bad Boy Entertainment, collaborating with leading secular and gospel artists over the years. Meanwhile, LeYah built her......

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Featured Artist-March 2024

March 2024

My mission is to encourage the elect and cry aloud to the lost through music and the Most High's Word. Name: Big Homie Yurp Location: Chicago, IL USA In the crucible of divine inspiration and the unwavering presence of The Most High, Big Homie Yurp brandishes his microphone like a spiritual sword, battling the dark forces that have infiltrated the rap game. The toxic allure of lyrics steeped in greed, envy, lust, and hate has poisoned our communities, but in the midst of this chaos, a profound awakening is underway. As the thirst for knowledge grows, Big Homie Yurp delves......

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Featured Artist-Feb 2024

February 2024

My mission is to encourage the elect and cry aloud to the lost through music and the Most High's Word. Name: Shenayim Location: Austin, TX USA Introducing Shenayim (shen-ny-eem) - the music duo that embodies the essence of Truth Music through their harmonious soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics. Comprised of the husband-and-wife team Malchiyahu and Shemayah, Shenayim (the Hebrew word for couple) is a breath of fresh air in the music industry with their truth-based artistry and unique, one-of-a-kind sound. With roots in Austin, TX, and Chicago, IL, this kodesh couple is captivating audiences with their unique blend of influences from......

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Featured Artist-Jan 2024

January 2024

My mission is to encourage the elect and cry aloud to the lost through music and the Most High's Word. Name: Matazadach Location: Charlotte, NC USA Diversity, musicality, and transformative lyrics... Combining hard-hitting hip-hop lyrics, R&B melodic hooks, and relatable, evangelical messages, Matazadach is a humble conduit of The Most High in the genre of Truth Music.  Matazadach combines his passion for hip-hop and love for The Most High's Word to deliver music that encourages, rebukes, and sounds the alarm to this generation living in the end times. From entertainer to musical minister… Raised by a young single mother, Matazadach’s......

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December 2023

My mission is to use the gift of song that The Most High blessed me with to cast out evil spirits, not to invite them. Name: Jasmine Israel Location: Chicago, IL USA My name is Jasmine Israel and I am a Gospel recording artist on a mission to edify, uplift, and heal those that have an EAR, as inspired by Matt 5:16. Having been born and raised on the North Side of Chicago, IL, my journey in music began in choirs from a young age, eventually leading me to start directing choirs at the age of 14. The Most High......

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November 2023

My mission is to elevate the Father and His only begotten Son to the highest degree available to me. Name: Zoog Location: Atlanta, GA USA My name is MiZoog, or just Zoog according to my family. In Hebrew, my name packs a powerful meaning—To-merge or Bring together. Atlanta, Georgia, is where I call home, and I've been soaking up the Southern vibes since day one. Growing up, I had the incredible privilege of being guided spiritually by my grandparents, setting me on a profound journey which led me on my path in this walk. TrenchBrews is a movement close to......

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October 2023

Our mission and primary purpose is to teach all the sons of Adam out of every nation the word of God with love, patience, kindness, and all meekness. As the scripture said, Isaiah 56:7 "Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings, and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called a house of prayer for all people ." Name: East Side Jakes Location: Chicago, IL USA Shalom, I am Day Israel I was born in San Bernardino, California. As a child I was very spiritually inclined and......

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