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December 2018

My mission is to provide set apart music and motivation that will lead you back to The Word of Yah. With lyrics heavily based on scripture, my passion is using acoustic sounds to create refreshing music experiences that will help nurture you and keep you focused on your spiritual journey. You can join in this mission as we all continue to seek a deeper connection with Yahuah together at

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November 2018

Yahuah is my song and the joy in my heart. It is by YaHUaHs favor that I stand as a witness of His wonderful works in the land of the living. I am an ambassador for Yahusha Ha Maschiach, commissioned to reveal the Word through worship. My hope is that the music that YAHUAH sends forth through His Ruach HaQdush is used to heal , comfort , encourage , uplift and motivate the nation of Yasharal to walk boldly in their kingdom assignment , and to inspire our nation to shine bright as the light of the world....

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September 2018

Mission Statement: My aim is to bring the light of the Most High God to the 4 corners of the earth with the lyrical and musical gifts he has bestowed on me. I have been through the ups and downs and in's and outs within this walk with the Most High and his only Begotten Son. Throughout it all I stayed focused on the eye of the prize of the kingdom. The best for family of the Most High God is where my heart lies, that faith has allowed me the platform and courage to take his work to a......

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June 2018

I grew up witnessing drugs having a stronghold on my family and when I grew up I followed down the path off darkness but in 2014 I found myself going through a hard time in my life going back and forth to jail and that lead me searching and on my search I discovered we were the people of the book and ever since then I been walking with the Most High YAH and decided to dedicate my talents towards him....

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April 2018

Name: U-DAH 1 and Angel Location: Dallas, TX USA First, we would like to thank the Hebrew Israelite Radio Network for the honor and privilege of being apart of your vision to unite the Remnant Israelite nation from the four corners of the earth. Angel, of Dallas Texas, has had the greatest privileges through her upbringing in the Hebrew way from her mother’s womb since 1983. “Raised from birth as a Hebrew and being taught the truth is an honor that I do not take it for granted”, she routinely states. Angel is an active member of I.O.Y.A, (Israel of......

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March 2018

TY-Serv was born April 28, 1984 to a divorced, devout Christian in Cincinnati’s West End. Growing up in poverty in a single parent household in the 1980s, TY-Serv had a rough childhood and fell into the street life selling drugs, chasing women, drinking, and other menacing behavior. As he got older, he left the streets and entered the Greek life, becoming a member of the African-American founded Greek letter fraternity, Iota Phi Theta. However, this too was short-lived. He denounced his affiliation with the Iotas and dedicated his life to Christ. He began to channel all of his negative energy......

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