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Malkah Norwood

Featured Artist - August 2018

Featured Music for August 2018

  1. Shachah Malkah Norwood 6:26
  2. It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later JUDAH BLAKC 5:11
  3. His Love Devoted to Yah 6:33
  4. Guilty Jedediah 3:57
  5. Fly Young King Ruby Blak 3:00
  6. Leanin ft Ahk Aharon TY-Serv 4:26
  7. Heaven Or Hell Sons of Light 5:38
  8. It Ain't Never Enough LaidBack feat. Abiyah 4:19
  9. Not For Sale Courtney Blunt ft. Chaarawtazah 4:25
  10. Passover ft. U-Dah-1 Angel 4:54

  • Name: Malkah Norwood
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA USA

Mission Statement: The mission is to inspire those who thirst and hunger for righteousness to cultivate a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth so that they too may walk confidently in their deliberated function and purpose perpetually.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Ha’Mashiach, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” II Corinthians 5:17. Transitioning out of darkness into YAH’s marvelous light, it became apparent qodesh praise and worship is an element necessary to the set-apart music genre. Inspired by the Ruach Ha’Qodesh and quickened by the words of The Holy Scriptures, Malkah Norwood uses the gift of song in balance to study and application of Torah through set-apart music and mediation.

“There is an awakening taking place throughout the four corners of the world. People from various backgrounds, ages, and status’ are searching for answers to what they are sensing within there spirit. It is clear to me that The Most High has called me to use His gifting of song in creating set-apart (sanctified) music and meditation and I am greatly humbled by His presence through it all. I believe, for such a time as this (Esther 4:14), He has chosen many as me to blow the shofar and call His People home.”

All esteem to YAHUAH Elohim. His NAME is great and greatly to be praised.

“For you are a holy people to YHWH your Elohim; YHWH your Elohim has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth.”

Deuteronomy 7:6

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