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U-DAH 1 and Angel

Featured Artist - April 2018
Black Sheep

Featured Music for April 2018

  1. Passover ft. U-Dah-1 Angel 4:54
  2. Save Me ft. Iceberg517 TY Serv 4:00
  3. Stay Focused 4th Tribe Static Addicts (Yahki, Malaki, & Zebediah) 4:22
  4. Are You An Israelite 4Real Yah's Chosen (Selah Ben Yudah) 2:32
  5. Chosen Nation [prod. BHood Productions] Sons of Light 4:36
  6. All Praises Lee Hailey 3:27
  7. Holy Holy Holy Sounds of Sinai 6:06
  8. Where Would I be Push Ft ChanelyYah 3:27
  10. Illusions ft. Judah Blakc Hadassah aka Ahkot Tia 3:57

  • Name: U-DAH 1 and Angel
  • Location: Dallas, TX USA

First, we would like to thank the Hebrew Israelite Radio Network for the honor and privilege of being apart of your vision to unite the Remnant Israelite nation from the four corners of the earth.

Angel, of Dallas Texas, has had the greatest privileges through her upbringing in the Hebrew way from her mother’s womb since 1983. “Raised from birth as a Hebrew and being taught the truth is an honor that I do not take it for granted”, she routinely states. Angel is an active member of I.O.Y.A, (Israel of YAHWEH Assembly) in Dallas, Texas where she has followed the spiritual guidance and Torah teaching of the House of N’Kosi (Elder and Ima N’Kosi). The temple is where her humble beginnings escalated to singing background at the age of nine. “I would be like, wow, the music sounds so good, U-Dah-1 on the keyboard and at times swapping out with the drummer. The melody of the strong voices harmonizing together was just hypnotizing as well as the presence of the Ruach of YAH being in the midst. Praise and worship, one song, would last about two hours (smile), and I wanted that anointing, wishing to myself, I want to sing like that!” She recalls, seeing Ima N’kosi singing along with her daughter (Angel’s spiritual aunt), Angel’s mother, and other women in the temple, giving her an unction to sing as a background singer. At age 14 Angel was signed by producer U-Dah-1 with Star D Records, independently owned by U-Dah-1.

She began her career professionally as a singer, songwriter, and recording engineer under the production of U-Dah-1, whom over the years developed an immensely close family knit relationship gaining a Big Hebrew Brother along the way. “They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I can truly say my big brother in YAH, Udah-1, has definitely been one of those special members of the tribe who contributed to my upbringing.” Angel has recorded albums with U-Dah-1 and has featured/collaborated with other artist in the industry as well. She has performed at several interstate venues and appeared on some of the most viewed television networks on television, such as Good Day Texas, FOX4 News, BET and FLAVA TV. Angel also has a strong passion for working with school aged children and is currently pursuing a secondary career as an early childhood Educator.

U-Dah-1, of Dallas, Texas came from humble beginnings being raised by his Hebrew parents. He founded Star D Records in 1992 and maintains his entrepreneurship as a General Contractor in the construction industry. As a builder, U-Dah-1 uses the skills he learned from his father, Elder N’Kosi, growing up. While music is his first love, U-Dah-1 has a strong passion for working with mentally dysfunctional and troubled male adolescents through his non-profit outreach program, One Family Reconnect. U-Dah-1 is able to share with the young males of his community the lessons and love his father taught him. U-Dah-1 calls these young men the “Black Sheep.”

“For you are a holy people to YHWH your Elohim; YHWH your Elohim has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth.”

Deuteronomy 7:6

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