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Big Homie Yurp

Featured Artist-March 2024

Featured Music for March 2024

  1. What You Mean Yurp? Big Homie Yurp & Pearl Shana 2:53
  2. Out My Mind Shenayim 2:40
  3. Would Ya feat. Baqarah NoLa Matazadach 4:46
  4. Who Knew Yarden Iman 3:38
  5. YAHUSHA'S RETURN Anav Shachah 6:12
  6. Leave the World Behind John Boye 3:17
  7. Slaying Them Demons feat. Fringe Gang Shallum & Patient Saint Faith N Israel 3:12
  8. Spiritual War La Nolia 3:29
  9. Matthew 23:13 HezekiYah 3:42
  10. Lover of My Soul Voices of Zion 4:43


  • Name: Big Homie Yurp
  • Location: Chicago, IL USA

About Me:

In the crucible of divine inspiration and the unwavering presence of The Most High, Big Homie Yurp brandishes his microphone like a spiritual sword, battling the dark forces that have infiltrated the rap game. The toxic allure of lyrics steeped in greed, envy, lust, and hate has poisoned our communities, but in the midst of this chaos, a profound awakening is underway. As the thirst for knowledge grows, Big Homie Yurp delves into scripture, infusing his lyrics with truth, love, and positivity. Guided by the spirit of The Most High, he has found the perfect bait to reel in his people.

“Big Homie…Yurp… pull up on em and take em to church– 

What’s last coming first; The meek shall inherit the earth.” 

From the song “TRANSGRESSION” feat. Jasmine Israel from the EP “OH ISRAEL”

This encapsulates the journey of Big Homie Yurp, born an underdog but rising to become a natural-born leader. With a servant’s mentality, he remains humble and ever-ready to aid and assist. Emerging from the depths, Yurp acknowledges that only by the grace and mercy of TMH Yah did he escape. 

Marvin Jackson II, known as Yurp, entered this world in Chicago Heights, IL, and found his roots in Gwinnett County, GA, also known as “The Nawf.” Yurp has embraced his mission to preach repentance to the streets, not only through his hardcore trap sound, but also via melodic psalms, singing, and R&B flavor.

Introduced to the art of writing bars by his 6th-grade health teacher, Mr. Hamilton, at Southwood Middle School, Yurp has never looked back. Moving from Illinois to Norcross, GA, at the age of 12 with his mom and sister, Yurp became a renowned battle rapper throughout middle and high school. Now armed with spiritual weaponry, he confronts spiritual wickedness in high places.

Teaming up with East Atlanta Rapper, now known as YRN MURK, Yurp co-founded the rap group STRIPSQUAD, paying homage to their roots in Peachtree Corners Circle. Emerging as a rising star in Atlanta with his unique writing concepts and artistry, Yurp is now embarking on a new journey—transitioning from the secular to the truth. 

Alongside his fellow brethren, Brewz n Da Hood & Wallz of Jericho, Yurp aims to teach the logic and reasoning of scriptures from a biblical and historical standpoint. The mission is crystal clear: to awaken the lost sheep of The Most High God.

Be on the lookout April 2nd 2024 Hebrew Business Group Present Spiritual Maintenance Members Only Mixtape Vol 1 with features from Pearlshana, Eli! & Paisley The Hebrew, Selah Soul, Monique, Lola Sade, Jasmine Israel, La,nolia, Jake Juvell, Yapah Q, Aaliyah Taavi, Kanal 104, Phinehas Gad Israel & Zamran & Lamar Creations.

“For you are a holy people to YHWH your Elohim; YHWH your Elohim has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth.”

Deuteronomy 7:6

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